External cooperations 

BMD works together with the regional marketing and with other cluster management organisations in Saxony –Anhalt.
We cooperate across borders with sister organisations in Central Germany and nationwide.



weinberg campus e.V.

Chairman of the Board:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Lukas

The aim of the weinberg campus is to further promote the development of the science and business location and also to promote the appeal of the location at national and international level through appropriate marketing and communication activities.  In addition the association wishes to attract innovative businesses to the region and to reinforce networking between local institutions and companies.  

The weinberg campus e.V. is making a contribution to:

  • the national and international presentation of the city of Halle (Saale) as an important science and business location

  • reinforcing the innovative ability and competitiveness of the region

  • promoting science and technology transfer

  • promoting innovative start-up projects.

ProNet T3

Spokespersons:  Prof. Dr Frank Bordusa, Prof. Dr. Gunter Reuter

Coordinator:  Dr. Mathias Strutz

The Halle protein-competence network “tools, targets & therapeutics” – ProNet-T3”  has been funded since 01.11.2009 by the BMBF funding program "Advanced Research and Innovation in the New States".

The objectives of the work are:

  • To further reinforce competences in protein research already available at the Halle location

  • To develop this innovative and promising future research complex to become a center for bio-scientific research in the Halle (Saale) – Leipzig region.

Related to this is the establishment of a technology platform to enable improved contact between fundamental research and entrepreneurial application of research findings.

In order to achieve this, the scientific excellence of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and the Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry at Halle (Saale) will be bundled. In close cooperation with the Center for Integrated Protein Science, Munich, the Technical University Munich, the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, an internationally visible network in the field of protein science shall be established coupled with sustainable structural development whilst enhancing the attractiveness of the location. 


Green Gate Gatersleben – The Plant Biotech Center

Spokesperson:  Dr. Martin Ganal

Green Gate Gatersleben (GGG) is a joint initiative of all plant biotechnology and associated enterprises and institutions located in Gatersleben and surrounding areas together with the public organizations. The goal of GGG is a joint marketing and showcasing of Gatersleben as the largest plant biotech location in Germany.

The partners of GGG are all equal and jointly determine activities to be performed under the umbrella brand name “Green Gate Gatersleben  - The Plant Biotech Centre”.  A structure has been created that ensures an open, congenial equal cooperation of partners.  Openness and transparency are paramount.  Green Gate Gatersleben was honoured in 2006 as a “Landmark in the Land of Ideas”.


CEESA – Cluster for Renewable Energies in Saxony-Anhalt

Cluster management:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Zbigniew A. Styczynski

The Cluster for Renewable Energies in Saxony-Anhalt combines the various key issues of renewable energies into the innovation strategy of the region with its focus on storage technologies and grid management, geothermal and biomass energy sources in regional material cycles (electricity, heat, gas).


Sachsen-Anhalt Automotive e.V. – Cluster MAHREG Automotive

Chairman of the Board:  Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Ude

Cluster manager: Uve Jacubke

MAHREG Automotive’s motivation and goal has been and continues to be to achieve competitive benefits for its associated partners in Saxony-Anhalt by exchanging information, by co-operating on research and production.   Launched as a network, a number of enterprises and scientific institutions, actively supported under the umbrella of MAHREG Automotive, bundle and enhance their services and potential in order to be successful on the international automotive market with joint innovations. 


Marketingpool Ernährungswirtschaft e.V -  Food Industries Network

Spokesperson:  Denise Nitsche

The Food Industries network unites industry and science, provides advisory services and creates contacts, initiates projects to reduce business costs, offers training programs and supports the export activities of its members.  The task of the network is to offer food industry enterprises in and around Saxony-Anhalt significant added value in the interests of common success.


Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt (IMG)

Managing director:  Dr. Carlhans Uhle

The Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt (IMG) is the economic development agency of the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. It acts as a partner for business, helping investors find the right site and assisting with funding and financing, in dealing with the public authorities and with all queries relating to project implementation. Its service is confidential and free of charge.  You can contact the IMG life science manger directly under the telephone number 0391-56899-32. 

Saxony and Thuringia


BIO-NET LEIPZIG Technology Transfer mbH

Managing director:  André Hofmann

BIO-NET LEIPZIG Technology Transfer mbH advises the founders of new companies
and provides financial consulting.  It also facilitates contact to funding institutions and private

biosaxony e.V.

Chairman of the board:  Roland Göhde
Managing director:  André Hofmann

biosaxony e.V.-  is a pan-Saxony association committed since 18.12.2009 to furthering
biotechnology and adjacent areas of material sciences through to medical technology in
Saxony.  The members of the association represent various life science enterprises,
scientific institutes and professional stakeholders in Saxony. 

medways e.V.

Chairmen of the board: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Haueisen
Coordinator: Gernot Enders

medways -  the industry association in Thuringia for medical technology and biotechnology.  
Our member companies, research facilities and universities develop innovative products and
procedures for the diagnosis and therapy of age-related diseases in various medical disciplines.
medways supports these projects through its service center, the medways research center and
the medways academy. 

Central Germany



Spokesperson:  Dr. Bodo Schulze

4chiral is a network for chiral compounds in Central Germany.  4chiral develops and optimizes new products and technologies and comprises a number of enterprises and institutes.

Chemistry/Plastics Cluster Central Germany

Cluster spokesperson:  Dr. Christoph Mühlhaus

The Central German Chemistry/Plastics Cluster was founded in 2003.  It is a platform initiated by the business sector as a result of the cross-border collaboration between Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.  Both large and SME enterprises, associations, educational and research institutes, service providers and political and administrative stakeholders are involved.  


Polykum e.V.

Executive Chairman:  Dr. Michael Busch

Project manager:  Matthias Bernstein

Founded in 2002, “Polykum e.v., the Association for the Promotion of Polymer Development and Plastics Engineering in Central Germany” is a cooperation of polymer producers and polymer processors, of university and non-university scientific institutes, plastics technology engineers, tool-making and mold-making engineers, service providers and plastics technology facilities geared to the business environment. 


The Central German Metropolitan Region  e.V.

Chairman:  Markus Kopp

Managing director:  Jörn-Heinrich Tobaben, Reinhard Wölpert

The European Central German Metropolitan Region is a registered association with a head office which functions as a business unit. Key corporations, towns and administrative districts, chambers of commerce and associations, universities and research facilities from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia are committed to the association with the shared aim of sustainably developing and marketing the business, science and cultural region of Central Germany with its rich tradition.  The Central German Metropolitan Region is the cross-border action platform for central German enterprises, regional authorities, chambers of commerce and associations and also universities and research facilities in the form of a pioneering private-public partnership.  

The goal of the association:  “In 2020 Central Germany will be one of the most attractive and innovative business, science and cultural regions in Europe and will combine dynamic growth with superior quality of life”. 



BIO Deutschland e.V.

Chairman of the board:  Dr. Peter Heinrich

Managing director:  Dr. Viola Bronsema

As the sector association of the biotechnology industry, BIO Deutschland has set itself the objective of supporting and promoting the development of an innovative economic sector based on modern biosciences.

BIO Deutschland is Germany’s biotechnology sector representative at the European association, EuropaBio, in Brussels.  BIO Deutschland also works closely with other biotech organisations in Europe and the USA in order to lobby for the interests of the sector in an internationally coordinated way. The association is also very active in a broad range of events with the aim of providing biotechnology with a platform for discussion and interaction.


The Council of Bioregions 

Spokesperson:  Dr. Klaus Eichenberg

The BioRegions of Germany are regional initiatives for the advancement of economic application of modern biotechnology in Germany. The Council of Bioregions in Germany (AK-BioRegio for short) is the central network of regional initiatives in Germany. It was founded at the beginning of 2004 in Leipzig and has had its office in BIO Deutschland in Berlin since January 2009 in order to be able to contribute as a spokesperson of the regional cluster to the strengthening of the field of biotechnology in Germany. Today 30 BioRegions have formed alliances through this council, to optimize and coordinate their regional activities in the interest of German biotechnology.

AK-BioRegio stands for research, development and commercialization of biotechnology and contributes to anchoring these in all branches of the economy. We provide information about societal and economic use of biotechnology and take part in public discussion on the theme of biotechnology. AK-BioRegio secures the exchange between regional initiatives for the advancement of biotechnology in Germany and makes its know-how available to those making political decisions. It also competes for Life Science Landmark Germany.