Coaching for founders

  • Consulting for start-ups
  • Support in the acquisition of venture capital and funding

Technology transfer

  • Inter-branch co-operation management
  • Initiation of project specific contacts
  • Strengthening entrepreneurial and innovation culture
  • Developing economic structures of relevant lead markets
    (in line with  the Regional Innovation Strategy of Saxony-Anhalt)

Networking - Creating Connections

  • Cooperation management between companies and research institutions
  • Support for regional networks to formulate new projects and to acquire
    funding and cooperation partners
  • Coordination and project management of competence networks
  • Cooperation between diverse branches and at transnational level
  • Initiation of new clustering processes and shared cooperation platforms

Business Development 

  • Monitor markets
  • Organize sustainable value chains
  • Support companies looking for new locations
  • Identify cooperation partners

Location marketing

  • Develop media concept and design for different target groups
  • Develop and support trade fair presentations of regional networks
  • Event management, workshop and conference organisation

Policy Advice 

  • Advise policy stakeholders  with key focus on life sciences and pharma
  • Monitor political processes 

Education and trainee  

  • Support projects for the vocational training of laboratory assistants and related
    professions to improve the labor force in biotechnology in the State of Saxony-Anhalt
  • Acquisition of apprenticeships in companies and institutions focusing on biotechnology
    to provide career opportunities for high school graduates at regional level
  • Support the “Green Laboratory Gatersleben” – the only student’s lab in Germany with
    a focus on plant biotechnology
  • Cooperate with student’s initiatives to match young scientists with industrial partners 

Communication and public relations

  • Develop PR projects and strategic planning in the communication area
  • Provide advisory services and support for marketing activities of companies