Dr. Michael Taeger, Interim-Managing Director

Michael Taeger has a doctorate in medicine. He has been active for 20 years in
biopharmaceutical research and its transfer into clinical application. 

Parallel to his position at BMD GmbH, he is a managing director of IMTM GmbH.
Previously he led a university group with a focus on chronic inflammation and pain
therapy specialist practice. He is a recognized and certified immunologist. 

As an active member of various national and international professional societies
and industry 
associations he sets priorities with business development and corporate


Dr. Werner Stuber, Finance, Controlling, Trade Fairs

Werner Stuber studied biochemistry and completed his PhD in 1982 in the field of
microbial metabolic pathways of hydrocarbons at the University of Leipzig. Apart from
academic activities in Berlin and Leipzig, and a post graduate qualification in Business
Management he was CEO of a young biotechnology firm in 1995-1999. 
Werner Stuber started his career at BMD GmbH in 1999. He coordinates the activities
of the Network Green Gate Gatersleben and is member of the board of the “Grünes Labor Gatersleben” e.V.


Katja Blöcker, Executive Secretary

After leaving school Katja Blöcker commenced a commercial apprenticeship. Since the
beginning of 1997 she is employed as a secretary at BMD GmbH. 

In 2002 she attended a business management training course.