Biotechnology in Saxony-Anhalt 

Biotechnology and genetic engineering have become one of the key future technologies.
Against this background, in November 2002 the State Government of Saxony-Anhalt
approved the biotechnology initiative in the state basing its five-year implementation strategy
on it. This strategy will be continued in the future.

Since the beginning of the implementation strategy for the biotechnology initiative almost
EUR 135 million funding in grants has been approved by the State Government and the
investment company of Saxony-Anhalt (IBG). This has contributed to the sustained
development and reinforcement of Saxony-Anhalt as a business and science location focussing
on biotechnology. In the last few years an efficient research and innovation cluster has been
established which is internationally renowned.

Since 2003 BMD GmbH has assumed pharmaceutical and biotechnology cluster management
in Saxony-Anhalt. Today, the state has more than 70 biotechnology companies and research
institutions. You can search for companies and research institutes in our online database.